Mahogany 750 680 admin

I’ve only been working with Teri for a short amount of time but I am already seeing the number on the scale go down and feeling internally so much better!

I’m enjoying the foods on my meal plan and for the first time ever, I’m experiencing zero bloating! So excited to continue my journey with my amazing coach!


Leslie 1080 1037 admin

I started working with Teri last summer during the COVID pandemic.

She helped motivate me to work harder at my home gym and clean up my diet. Not only helping my body get back into shape after eating junk and drinking for a few months and packing on the pounds but she has helped me on my spiritual journey which encompasses her idea 💡 of mind, body and fitness.

She pushes me to be a better person. I appreciate all that she’s done for me.


Iris 1080 1066 admin

Working with Teri has been amazing! She is such a great encourager and pushes you to your limits.

Having a trainer that not only pushes you physically but also spiritually is so good for the soul and Teri does just that. I always leave our workouts feeling encouraged and full of joy.


Janine 342 360 admin

Three years ago, I was out of shape and in need of a health transformation. After seeking advice from my chiropractor, Dr. Mize, I was recommended to Teri Ashbaugh to aid in getting me on the right track to reaching my health goals.

Following a brief evaluation with Teri, I was given a fitness & nutrition plan along with guided workouts. As a senior adult, the workouts were specifically designed around my needs to build endurance and strength, and the clean eating and balanced nutrition gave me a new level of energy I hadn’t experienced before.

Teri provides constant support – even encouraging me and boosting my mental focus when I would start to feel sluggish or want to give up.

I would highly recommend Teri Ashbaugh; she is my fitness trainer, nutrition guide, and now a dear friend.


BJ 1076 1079 admin

I have worked out most of my life since I was 13, division one athletics fad diets you name it.  Having Teri train me has completely changed the way I attack my training, nutrition and accountability. 

My results are astounding! I’m down 50 lbs in 4 months, my strength is through the roof, I have energy and I am not hungry.  The nice thing too is that if you deviate from your nutrition plan it’s very easy to just get back on track. 

The measurements and pictures help my motivation and Teri checks in regularly and really cares about my progress.

I feel a trainer’s job is to lead me to a place that I could have never gone on my own.  Teri has helped me completely change my life and I am grateful.  I can also see my abs for the first time in my life.